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"History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second as farce."
(Marx, K. 18 Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, 1852)

Some articles have been written about the direction the metal (using here metonymy to refer to a whole socio-cultural-musical chain) has and has acquired in recent years. Some items enxergaram Heavy metal as a song that was stuck in the past, and their new musical manifestations eternal bis in idem in other bands and styles already defined and consolidated. Among the many explanations for the inertia of this musical trend, which among other things, has been compared to classical music for its temporal stagnation, it is that nothing new is produced in the metal scene in recent years and that the "scene" was dominated the eternal nostalgic of "the older the better." Despite these explanations, which in its one-sidedness has its share of truth, it seems that the crux of the matter has not been addressed. Perhaps because their reflection is too painful for those, like me, immeasurably love this musical style.
The fact is that the metal was not stuck in the past as some, but just DIED. And this death, besides being died death, is not new because it has more than 20 years. Having the body including already decomposed and being his soul an astral Smudge decomposition (using here a metaphysical metaphor). It is normal that a statement as exhaustive as this, causing outrage in the most sectarian and these lift up your fists at the ready and protest before they reach the end of the reading of these words. For, as we said, this is too painful affirmation and fleeing the social fallacy of political correctness, where everything has to be good, perfect, beautiful and isonomic. The fact is that by our accounts, his death occurred in 1994. turns Those who lived this time for sure will remember that we are talking about and emptiness and disappointment that befell the metal in the period, no one explained or even he might realize what was happening. Only sentindos something that was not palpable, little aware of signs that often went unnoticed, as the disappearance of fanzines, end of vinyl records and K-7 tape, exchange of letters and materials, release publicity and flyers, the transformation of magazines specialized in nonsense for heads-hollow teenagers and especially metamorfização bands that tens desperately ran for other styles, which give a new look to your musicianship. Following the maxim of the more "eclectic" best. So we have many bands that joined to other musical styles and have incorporated the heavy metal as a way out of sameness that the scene appeared. As an oxygen balloon slowing the life of a dying man. Not knowing them (or ourselves) that the dying man had very dead. If we take the examples above to do a time cut and we transport the period, we will see in the vast emptiness that dominated us and so many friends we've lost and so many bands that disappeared. The causes of this "tragedy foretold" is what we will try to show in the lines below.
One of the arguments I hear against the end of the metal is that the MUSIC Metal is alive today and still produce discs 70, 80, even for new buyers. Good! That is true! But also even listen to music from Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, which were written 300 years ago and now gain format on CD, Blue-Ray, etc. Also it is consumed by a legion of people, including some new ones as well. As yet there are people who buy and listen to music from the 50s or 60s The fact is that initially, we must make a distinction between Metal music Metal x lifestyle. Metal music is there, it exists and is immortalized in all purchased or released CD, as so is the music of Chopin. However the metal as LIFESTYLE, as a movement, philosophy and it was often described simply as UNDERGROUND, no longer exists. And no there is no underground metal (here understood as metal lifestyle - modus vivendi). If this distinction cited above did not convince you, then remember what it was to have long hair in the 80s and what he represented. What was to have a black shirt band and use it under the school uniform to not take it "or the stick." Remember what was to have tattoo, leaving home with basqueteira, spandex and leather jacket to the midday sun. As people looked at you with his jacket patches and girls ran from you because you were the "different" school. Recalling this period, you certainly felt all the rejection that the eighties society you dispensed. The frustration we carried to belong to the "lost decade" of pessimism, economic stagnation and ideological crisis. And after feeling all that frustration, I ask: What was our salvation? What comforted and took us that pubescent angst of social, family and existential conflicts? The answer can only be METAL, of course. Only those who lived the metal of 80/90 years, you know that the metal was the exhaust valve, the social statement, comfort that we lacked for being considered outcasts by those who surrounded us and therefore, we came back to us. Into our circles through brotherhoods and hermetic friendships. That when we turn to our own culture and identity, our own social codes, can bear the weight of so teens. To listen to our music was loud cry to society and assert ourselves as people with active voices. To go to a poor show was spend the week preparing the dress (the more detonated better), clog alcohol, see friends and especially listen to the bands of our city playing as if they were the greatest musicians in the world, in a seedy equipment but that our ears was the sound of Olimpio. If you do not know what it is, close the page. You'll never know what I'm talking about.
It was this rejection that made us different from others. It was this distinction that irmanava us or viscerally antagonized by some futile matter of the utmost gravity, such as what the best Slayer album. It was to have the K-7 tape with the band that no one knew who was only passed to best friend under vows of not pass anyone as a sound masonry. It was to spend afternoons record store to see if any new album came and be the first to get your sound or see its cover. Guarding the exchanged snack to buy a tape. This way of life is what the German philosopher Hegel calls the spirit of the age - ZEITGEIST. I believe that the metal was before any musical manifestation of a behavioral manifestation with own cultural elements of this time and that reinforced their identity. So it is inevitable that when you see the new generation of "head metal" patched vests, playing eighties music and referring to your music or musical preferences as "old school" give me the head phrase of Karl Marx: "The history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second as farce. "More than anachronism, this is the same as a person walking with tuxedos and suits 1700 today, just because listening to Mozart.
Another factor responsible for metal death no doubt, was the technological revolution of the 90s, reflected from NAPSTER. Undoubtedly, the advances resulting from this technological revolution were fantastic and there is not anyone give up the amenities that post internet life can offer. Having all the bands in the world from inside your house from your computer is the greatest thing since the invention of printing by Gutenberg. However, despite this fact, without regard to other aspects such as the death of culture lack of market. Digital was buried one of the foundations of heavy metal - the underground. Obviously I like to go well produced shows, playing in good stereos, buy stuff online, download music, etc. But all that I know that what is really there, it's just music. Only the body, the soul is gone. Those who like me, still wear band shirts and go to hit shows heads, are as current hippies. That is, living in a world that does not exist and still perpetuate this way of being / dressing - Perhaps vestige of a culture where they were formed. In contrast, the new metalheads (I prefer to be called a metalhead) will only be an imitation of other times, without understanding very well what a black shirt represents. Not that they do not like the music, sure like, but boil down to this ... just music. Download music over the Internet is one of the best things in the world but will not be like changing the tapes 'sound riot' or receive letters with demo-tapes. Thus, it may seem that we do apologize for the death metal and the present with its new fans and bands do not interest. On the contrary. Bring on new bands and new followers. That old bands return to active attracted by the promising market. But these new manifestations never will be part of Metal cultural movement, but an extreme music culture, which can be performed on a show for a few people or turn soundtrack of soap operas through a media explosion of a relationship site obtained from numerous "likes".
When talking about death metal, just see some widows. An old like me who live in nostalgia. Fantasizing a time that no longer exists and dragging behind him like a decrepit body. New ones are not yet unaware of which of the death and walking with him hand in hand giving it new names. METAL was born, it had its heyday and how everything is born, dies. No demerit that. If your music echoes today under new or old flags that reverberates, we know enjoy. If your new followers find the most natural thing in the world go to Burzum Avenged something with a click, we are wise to respecting this reality. But do not tell me that this time is the perpetuation of the METAL, because I will be forced to recite again Marx's phrase.

Savio Diomedes Paiva Diniz (Hellhammer) is guitarist black metal band LORD BLASPHEMATE. - And you have seen the rise and decline of the Roman Empire.

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